Vermillion snapper
Avocado, lemon, rucola & black olives

Yellow fin tuna
Shaved zucchini, salsa fresco & spicy pepper dressing

Basil butter

Burratta mozarella
Heirloom tomato, arugula & basil

Insalata primavera
Seasonal salad of green vine vegetables, tubers, leaves & seeds

Antipasti caldi
Diver scallops
Char grilled with oregano, chili, lemon butter & watercress

Goats cheese tortellini
Sautéed fresh water shrimp scampi, pine nuts, raisins & marjoram brown butter

Hand cut papardelle
Bolognaise style rich beef ragu

Fungi risotto
Braised Porcini mushrooms, wild rice, scented with truffle oil

Jumbo lump crab pizzetta
Ricotta, asparagus, chili, sweet onions & bulls blood

Packages include choice of one appetizer, one entrée, and one dessert per guest

We thank you for not Smoking, using your Cell Phone and any other Electronic Devices in the Dining Room

Grilled queen snapper
Sweet Saffron onions, cauliflower, preserved lemon, raisins & parsley

Crisp wild capers, green beans, walnuts & parsley

Veal “osso bucco”
Gently cooked in tomato & saffron broth, creamy polenta & gremolata

Grilled “RR Ranch” beef tenderloin
Gorgonzola, horseradish crust, glazed balsamic, sweet onions & rocket salad

Mixed leaf
Young bitter & sweet leaves tossed in lemon dressing

Sautéed with chili & toasted almonds

Purple potato cocotte
Roasted with garlic

Selection of hard to blue mature cheese, fruit salami & Port wine gelato

Chocolate almond & pumpkin cake
Sour cream sorbet

Lemon meringue tart
Lemon & basil sorbet

Catalan crème
Seasonal berries, pistachio cookie & vanilla ice cream

Assorted ice creams & sorbets

Tropical fruit plate

The Kitchen Team would be pleased to try to attend to any of your requests,

Special orders will be accommodated within 45 minutes.

Kindly be advised that a 10% Service Charge and an 11% Government Tax will be added to your check.